Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a few pieces together

The works of Julian Jaynes, David Peat and Erik Verlinde together can explain a lot but not all.

Eriks theory on gravity as emergent can explain the physical energy form of telepathy.

David Peats direction can explain the point where thought meets physical reality in a direct manner.

Julian Jaynes work, though his known work does not address anything along the lines of transmission, his work does or can explain a great deal regarding incoming information and internal processing.

So the god coin is:

On one side there is a god that science can never directly prove as a result of the "observer effect" and such an effect would be consistent with the herarchy

On the other side of the god coin, there is only father physics and mother nature and entropy that man can influence in various ways including by direct thought. Its just a matter of better understanding this how.

The interesting part here is the spinning of the coin. What do you see when you spin the coin?
Both side blurred together and the observer effect.

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