Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healing Music

As I noted in an earlier post, Julian Jayne's work can explain a great deal. Of such topics that fall under the explanation of Julian's work is that of the effects and influence of music on the mind.

A search on the internet for Healing Music can produce plenty of findings on the recognized effect. I suspect a study of music types having a healing effect would find and be able to establish a focus on what music styles and types have what degree of effect on general populations. While also identifying how personal music style choices can be relevant of such effect.

Julian's work is of consciousness vs. the bicameral mind regarding reception and internal processing, not of transmission, and his work is limited by such unidirectional information flow and internal processing. But here the statement is of how music can address the bicameral mode of the internal mind.

BTW, Consciousness as defined by Julian is emergent.

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