Saturday, February 27, 2010

Option Three: The Spin

There is a third option that both believers in god, atheist and all others could find satisfaction in.

What we term as alien life and intelligence.

What is the likelihood that some religious writing contain descriptions of encounters with such life forms and interpreted it as god or some other spirit, such as the devil?

Answer: 100%

Ezekiel the prophet describes such an encounter

What of proof?

There is a form of deception, ease to apply and safe from proof.
Its been termed neo-cheating by a former research scientist.

And of course its a given that alien life of better intelligence would be better at applying such deception. Ultimately it comes down to the same bottom line.

Avoiding the void, to sin against the void, to create, via honesty or dishonesty, but certainly self honesty about dishonesty provides one with better control. And dishonesty about honesty keeps dishonesty, besides being a self supported dependency, useful to those applying dishonesty.

The truth shall set you free!?! Truth and honesty are not the same thing. A truth can be a lie in the full scope of honesty, but of itself alone a truth can be true.

Above all there is father physics and mother nature, which only know what is, knows not of opinions or beliefs.

Option three: The god coin continues to spin. Only its not just man, but conscious beings.

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